When Kids Become Clients

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Draw your dream home

Kids‘ creativity unleashed in hands-on design project

Thirty one fourth graders from National College „Emil Racovita“ from Cluj Napoca were given a simple yet compelling task: to design their dream house. This exercise of creativity was part of the “We are building through education” initiative from the “De-a Arhitectura” Association, who invited the beyond team to help bring the children’s vision to life.

The “De-a Arhitectura” Association was founded in January 2011 within the cultural program of Architects Chamber Bucharest. Since 2013, the organization has developed a series of initiatives on national level, focused on children’s education, being the only educational program of architecture and environment built in Romania, with a certified school curriculum.

The goal is to introduce students to architecture and encourage teachers to explore the built environment as a resource for their curriculum. By doing so, we can cultivate the notion of a “quality-built environment” as a civic responsibility, aiming to increase the involvement of future citizens and improve dialog in the planning and design process that shape our communities.

Arh. Ciprian Simon, de-a arhitectura volunteer and Zsolt Szeibert, our Managing Partner, took the kids in a journey of exploration of essential communication on architecture and guided them in a way that promotes creative thinking, curiosity, community and responsibility.

True to our credo of supporting people to shape the future, we took on the task of bringing that creative vision to reality. The entire beyond crew jumped in and got to work. We listened carefully to our “clients” and delivered on their request – 31 stunningly creative sketches translated into 3D reality by our team of professionals.

On June 1st, on the international Children’s Day, we presented the final works, eager for the their feedback. The verdict was in – everyone was thrilled with the result! We are proud to have been part of this amazing experience and look forward to seeing these young bright minds tackle the world challenges and bring us into a brighter tomorrow – and of course, we will always be there to help them shape that future.