Top 5 – D2 Competition

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Top 5 – D2 Matte Painting Competition

Zsolt Szeibert to enter top 5 at the international D2 Challenge No1. „Hugh Ferris“.

With the matte painting competition „Hugh Ferris + Droquis- D2 Challenge No1“, D2 Community started end of 2020 a series of challenges dedicated to 3d artists around the world.
With his work „The Ark“, our founding partner Zsolt Szeibert entered the top 5 of this international competition.

„I am very proud to have made it into the top 5 of the international D2 Community „Hugh Ferriss“  #D2challenge!
First of all congrats to Fabio Palvelli, Jason Bergeron and Mike Golden for the idea to organize a challenge with so much power and potential of interpretation and the possibility of going with it into so many directions!
I love to be part of this industry, which is built on our mutual love and passion towards archviz!

My entry „The Ark“

I share with you my digital painting and the concept board behind it.
Hugh Ferriss is one of the most influential architects of the early 20th century, who‘s striking predicting depictions of american skyscrapers influenced even different artistic domains (f ex Fritz Lang‘s „Metropolis“ or Rem Koolhaas’ famous book „Delirious New York“)

He is characterized by dealing with big themes like The Metropolis of Tomorrow, the belief of humanity‘s progress through technology.
By creating huge night atmosphere charcoal drawings, he developed a monumental, mystic and enigmatic imagery language.
I took his approach of predicting utopic future scenarios involving human society, by imagining a future in which humanity already completely consumed Earth‘s resources, and faces – similar to the legend of Noah – a moment of destruction as consequence of neglection of fundamental existential issues.
Still, this cannot be the end of the story, there has to be hope – so i imagine the last remains of civilizatory action as the ruins of a skyscraper reused by the few surviving humans as shelter and hope for a new beginning:
The Ark.“