online lecture – FAU Cluj 2021

online lecture – FAU Cluj 2021 1002 499 freiland

online lecture – FAU Cluj 2021

We continue our tradition to initiate young generations of architecture students in the world of archviz.

At the invitation of Conf. Dr. Arch. Serban Tiganas, dean of the Faculty for Architecture and Urbanism Cluj, our artists gave backstage insight into the creation process of visuals and had an interesting Q&A session with the students.

Adapting to the general conditions, we enjoyed setting up an inhouse studio to host our online lecture together with Serban Tiganas who was kind to join us on our „broadcast couch“.

The show was spiced up by our office background, where the audience could see our team at work, while we held our lecture.

Even the weather helped us to enjoy the aftershow croissants and coffee served in our very own orchard.