InfiniTIFF Summit

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InfiniTIFF Summit

Amazing day at InfiniTIFF Summit, a VFX networking event part of The International Film Festival (TIFF)  held annually in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

We had the opportunity to present our office among inspiring talks from Guido Van Nispen on artificial intelligence and it’s impact on current professions, Jean-Colas Prunier with a captivating demo on Pocket Studio showcasing for the first time a 3d animation collaborative platform, Mikael Windelin with creative VFX solutions for budget films and the unbelievable EM avatar Hermione Flynn and David Bennett have developed at MimicProduction.
It was great to see our city council heavily involved in the growth of our industry, AnaMaria Vrabie and Ovidiu Cimpean showcased a sneak peak of their work to the “Cluj Future of Work” projects.
Lastly Cristian Hordila closed the summit with an inspiring call for action for a more collaborative work environment in the industry.

Thank you Oana Stănculescu and infiniTIFF for making this possible and we will see you next year!

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