Gallery – When Kids Become Clients

Gallery – When Kids Become Clients 1024 512 freiland

Children’s creativity transformed into visualization

Thirty one fourth graders from National College „Emil Racovita“ from Cluj Napoca were given a simple yet compelling task: to design their dream house. Our artists transformed their unconventional ideas into visualizations. Enjoy the surprising freshness of their visions!

The Mushroom Tree House

Built in the depths of the forest, it`s a fun place for a break from the city. Getting out is easy but good luck climbing the stairs.

Halloween House

A house with eyes conveying a happy and inviting feeling, helping you relive the Halloween magic over and over again!… It also has a castle shaped roof.

The Upside Down House

The house where the attic serves as groundfloor and the groundfloor is the attic. The place you can sneak into „your“ apartment by using the ladder of course without disturbing the neighbour from below.

Coloured Paper House

Cozyness in a wondefrul moonlit setup.

Rabbit House

Everybody needs a friend who’s all ears. Why couldn’t he be your home?

House of Harmony

Situated in the middle of the woods, the house has many rooms designed for every animal in the forest, designed to coexist in a peaceful and harmonious environment

Hidden House built in the Forest

It has everything you need, TV, Wi-Fi and it’s also a secret rocket ship!


Aliens are here and they are prepared to take over and upgrade your house – your pet as well. Get ready for a wild ride.

Inside Out

Inviting villa, with a quirky and complete reaveal of the inner-workings.

Enigmatic Happy House

Mist-enveloped, cozy cabin that will warm your heart, with heart shaped smoke coming out of the chimney

Hotel Yara

Memories from a wonderful trip to Maramures.

The „Crippy“ House

A place where when you enter all your fears remains at the door. Crippy indeed, a fearless world, isn’t it?

Giant Tent Roofed House

Oh mac donald had a farm – built for giants that like to camp on it! E-I-E-I-O!

Crooked House

In the middle of nowhere: is the desert too hot? There’s no problem, you can cool down in the crooked house and have fun enjoying the company of its mysterious host.

69 Building

Building with the favorite number, where people work.

The Grumpy Treehouse

It was baffled! “why can’t they leaf me alone?!“ he thought to himself as the whole forest surprised him for his birthday.

The Hill Bottom House

Situated in the middle of nature where the walls are leaking slime and the side alley hosts the super car.

The Hand Cabin

This unconventional house has a mind of its own. It’s situated in a fantasy wonderland, keeping a secret which is key to the balance of the forest. You might get invited if you’re the chosen one.

The Future of Housing

Between large windows and well lit rooms this house has it all. The titan plating on the exterior walls is a feature that is improving security, while blending the building into the surroundings. The true innovation is the triangular garage door. We hope it will be a game changer in the industry!

The House of a Millionaire

It has a pool and a space where his/her friends are welcome as guests as long as they bring their games.

Hot-Dog House on Wheels

It`s designed to serve as a living space, hotdog selling point and it accommodates the family dog as well. In case there is a need for fast travel, you can activate the propulsion system so you can sell hotdogs in space.

Pijamas Party House

This house, built out of sheets and pillows hosts a generous and comfortable space, ready for pajama parties. If you are ready, take your friends and invite them to the house of endless parties in pajamas.

Forest House

It offers lodging for 2-3 families at the same time, as long as they mind the local wildlife and the spirits of the forest.

The House with a Pool

It´s cool, but pair that with a great view over the clouds and you will have a great time this summer.

Overgrown House

A house overgrown with vegetation on which flowers have bloomed. The people who live here are also made of plants.

House on Wheels

The idea of this house started from the passion for cars. The house hosts numerous and varied spaces, furnished for different activities – trampoline room, magic room and DJ room. Being on wheels, the house can travel discovering new places and new landscapes.

The House where the Time flows backwards

Have you ever wanted to go to sleep and wake up younger? Well, in this house you might have the chance to almost do that, still you can return in time to your dreams. Situated on a planetoid orbiting a black hole somewhere in the Milkyway , the house benefits from the nice and tonic effects of time and space distortions.

The Farm House

Far away from the city, this farm house has plenty of space for everyone, bring your pets too. It even has a generator!

The Paper Fortune Teller House

Placed on a small hill and surrounded by sunflower fields the house has a paper game roof to entertain yourself during your staying over there.

The Pool Roof Building

Welcome to the house with cats- for relaxing in nature and by the rooftop swimming pool.

The A-shaped House

Tent-like house in the woods for the weekends with strong mirroring windows.