Continuity of commitment

Setting up an in-house studio to ensure the continuity of our involvement with the FAU Cluj.

Adapting to the general conditions, as the pandemic was a challenge for students all around the world, we have decided that spreading the knowledge of our archviz lectures  should not stop. So, we enjoyed setting up an inhouse studio to host our online lecture together with Conf. Dr. Arch. Șerban Țigănaș, Dean of the Faculty for Architecture and Urbanism Cluj, who was kind to join us on our “broadcast couch”.

The show was spiced up by our office background, where the audience could see our team at work, while we held our lecture. This was just the start to a series of lectures we’ve organised from our office and we can hardly wait for the next chapter, where we’ll all be able to get together in our very own orchard for an outdoor lecture, spiced with croissants.

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