We are hiring in Cluj - shape your future together with us.

We are looking for great artists that are passionate about the world of imagery to join our team in Cluj!

Nestled in the heart of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca is a vibrant city and Romania’s second largest university center. With a long history, it’s one of the fastest growing tech hubs on the continent and home to some of Europe’s best music and film festivals.

Featuring national and international art galleries, home to the biggest and most remarkable artistic projects in the country, it’s a youthful, dynamic and multicultural capital that hosts a bustling nightlife. Cluj was included on the list of the ‘Art Cities of the Future’ as one of ‘The 12 Cities that Will Shake Up the Art World in the 21st Century’, a statement of the city’s creativity and artistic spirit.

After spending two decades in Hamburg, driven by a desire to grow and utterly enchanted with the energy of this city, in 2016 the decision was made to open a creative branch in Cluj.

After a five-minute walk from the city center, in a secluded setting surrounded by nature, you’ll find us hard at work, portraying unbuilt architecture and supporting visionaries to shape the future.

Through the years this office has grown into a family of professionals, fueled by their passion for the craft, that work together to improve themselves and their community whilst providing high end visual solutions for their world class clients.

A family that nurtures and guides creativity, supports each other while navigating the challenges of this profession and gives back to their community. All of this, while also remembering to have some fun.

Among a handful of companies that helped lay the foundation for this industry, beyond is committed to continue its work to further this profession and empower the next generation of artists while bringing awareness to a wide and diversified audience. 2019´s national arch viz tours, internship program, community meetups and partnerships with architecture universities are just the first steps in this journey.

„Amazing group, family like environment where everyone has your back. Laid back atmosphere, flexible and focused on quality. But the best thing of all is that I get to work with all of the architecture giants, my heroes since studying architecture. “– Radu Cicalau, Head of Sales and Marketing

„This is a place where I found friends and a good attitude towards the work we do. Beyond was crated from passion that tested and implemented the best way of creating images and film, with a structured workflow, where creativity is guided in the right direction. Don’t take my word for it, just look at the images we create. “– Sergiu Donca CGI Artist

“We believe that every architectural space bears a unique relationship to the life that takes place within it. Our goal when creating visuals is tell the story of that relationship.” – beyond