arch-viz tour – Iasi

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arch-viz tour – Iasi

Our journey to empower the new generation of artists has started.

This year beyond visual arts has embarked in a journey to bring awareness to a wide and diverse audience about the world of arch-viz and its role in visually communicating architecture, and to empower the younger generation of architects and visualizers with the knowledge gained in our 16 years of experience.
To this end we started a countrywide lecture and workshop tour in Romania’s most prestigious architectural university hubs, to bring together our expertise and all those interested in expanding their knowledge and understanding of the industry that has brought so many visions to life.

Our first event took place last week in Iasi, where in collaboration with the Chamber of Architects Iasi (OAR Filiala Iaşi) our managing partner Zsolt Szeibert held a captivating presentation during the Architecture Biennial of Iasi.
Our project leaders George Croitor and Cristi Dragos guided the energized students through the challenges of creating a stunning visual message, during a one-day workshop at the invitation of the Dean of the Facultatea de Arhitectură din Iași “GM Cantacuzino” , Prof. Dr. Arh. Mihai Driscu.

It was an amazing experience and humbling to see so many young artists express their creativity in such a remarkable way. We are eager to continue our journey and to share our knowledge in our upcoming events in Timisoara, Bucuresti and Cluj.

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